BMI Storage Requirements For Items That Are Titled:

In order to store items that have a title (example: car, truck, RV, boat, trailer, etc.) the following FOUR REQUIREMENTS MUST BE MET AT THE TIME OF SIGNING FOR THE UNIT RENTAL AND ARE REQUIRED FOR AS LONG AS THE UNIT IS RENTED:

  1. Tenant may only store an item that is registered in their name.
  2. Current Title and/or Registration must be brought at time of unit rental and must be in tenant’s name.
  3. Current Insurance Policy in the name of the Tenant showing coverage for the item to be stored must be brought at the time of unit rental.
  4. A plastic sheet with cardboard placed on top of the plastic sheet to absorb any accidental leak of fluids MUST BE PLACED UNDER THE CAR, TRUCK, ETC. (anything that uses oil or fluids) while it is stored in the unit as a precaution. (NOTHING THAT IS LEAKING IS ALLOWED TO BE STORED IN THE UNIT).

NOTE: Rental Agreement, Current Title and/or Registration and Insurance Policy must all be in the same name as Tenant renting the unit.